Five steps to a ‘responsive’ Facebook Page

Disgruntled customers often take to social media to vent about a service they’re unhappy with, forcing Facebook Page admins to sweat over how well – or not – they seen to be dealing with unhappy customers.

But what of the quieter ‘nothing to see here-type customers who go about their business unnoticed, private messaging Facebook Pages away from the public eye?

So much of that back-and-forth had previously gone on unnoticed until Facebook introduced the Response Rate badge in mid-2015 to reward good Facebook customer service – as well as highlighting those Pages that failed meet that standard.

While the Response Rate badge is a very visible endorsement of how successfully – and how quickly – you engage with your Page’s followers, there are also a few tips you can use to better manage messages sent to your Facebook Page:

Tips for managing messages sent to your Facebook Page:

‘Social plugins’ for Facebook

At one time, everywhere you looked online you’d see a poorly-embedded Twitter ‘Follow’ or Facebook ‘Like’ button with its rigid design setting it apart from the rest of the site.

Much of that has changed since Facebook deprecated its ‘Like’ button and turned to an updated toolkit offering eight richer alternatives – including the free Facebook Page Plugin.

Although still not completely flexible (there’s a maximum width among other restrictions), the Page Plugin allows you to embed a combination of your Page’s timeline, events and the ability for anyone with a Facebook profile to message your Page without leaving your website.

Search your Facebook Page Inbox for your archived messages

Hardly groundbreaking for anyone familiar with modern email software but the ability to search for keywords in your Facebook Page inbox is still pretty handy.

Navigate to your Facebook Page Inbox and use the search bar on the right-hand side to find the message you’re looking for.

You can then choose whether to reply there and then or add keywords and notes to help you find and group messages more easily in future.

Save answers to your most frequently asked questions

Facebook has made it easier to respond to your most frequently asked questions by allowing you to ‘Manage Replies’ by crafting your own saved replies to call upon later.

You can call on your saved replies by navigating to a message in your Page’s inbox and selecting the ‘Choose a saved reply’ icon next to the ‘Write a reply’ box. You can then edit one your saved replies or choose ‘Manage replies’ to craft another to use later.

Automatically reply to messages to your Facebook Page…

Navigate to your Page’s settings, select the Messaging tab and turn on instant replies. A response will be sent automatically the first time a customer messages your Page.

…and send a different automated reply outside ‘office hours’

Often it’s simply not practical to monitor your Facebook Page at all hours, regardless of how easy it is to keep track of your Page with Facebook Pages smartphone app.

For messages that can’t to sit in your inbox ’out of hours’, there is now the option to automatically reply with a different message to your standard automatic reply to help manage your customer’s expectations outside of office hours.

To do this, you need to list your business’s opening hours on your Facebook Page’s Info tab and then navigate to the Messaging tab within your Page Settings to pen your reply.

Which Facebook tools have you found most useful in managing your brand’s social media?