Is Facebook trialling a ‘give feedback’ feature for users whose comments are hidden or deleted?

Whether it’s bad language, inappropriate comments or worse, anyone who manages a Facebook Page will know that monitoring, hiding and deleting comments are the bread and butter of managing any busy Facebook Page.

As tools for Facebook Page admins continue to improve, it appears the latest improvement – the ability for Page admins to ‘give feedback’ to users when admins need to hide or delete a comment on their Page – is at least being tested by Facebook. 

What you should look out for

The ‘give feedback’ option first appeared for me earlier this week after I hid one commenter’s post on a Page I manage. The option appeared as a link alongside the usual options to unhide the comment and to report and ban its author.

That option has not re-appeared since and there does not seem to be any meaningful confirmation – official or otherwise – being introduced.

Given Facebook’s track record of testing new features incrementally prior to them being officially rolled out, it would hardly be a surprise if we start seeing the ‘give feedback’ feature starting to appear more regularly.

How you could use the ‘give feedback’ feature

Rather than just hiding or deleting comments and potentially aggravating the poster, the ‘give feedback’ feature could be used to offer advice and guidance to posters.

Complement how you use this new feature by creating your own community guidelines to outline what is expected of anyone who interacts with your brand online and your followers will soon have a greater appreciation for the need for you to manage what is posted to your Facebook Page and how it reflects your brand.

Have you seen the ‘give feedback’ feature on your Facebook Page? Watch this space to see whether the ‘give feedback’ facility becomes the latest tool that’s rolled out to Page admins.